Quality of Spanish Furniture




Everyone knows that Spanish furniture factories, factories of lighting and accessories are on the top of industry and are very popular for decades all over the world. Spanish production is a masterpiece. Spanish traditions of making furniture and light are passed from generation to generation. These products are perfect, beautiful, durable, affordable and most importantly quality!

Spain - country is forestless, wood has always been expensive here. In spite of all Spain has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of solid wood furniture. With maximum manual labor in the wood processing, the structure and beauty of natural materials are opened. Spanish furniture factories use wood of noble species such as beech, linden, maple, walnut, ash and cherry. Spanish furniture is quality, not deformed with time, has a high resistance to external influences.

Also it should be noted that real creativity of Spanish masters make furniture richly decorated. Through-carved work, hand-inlaid with precious woods - marquetry, rattan ornamental insets, metal forging, coating with gold leaf, silver, decorative painting, antique effects, artificial aging of furniture inlaid with natural mother of pearl and many other production techniques.




Style of Spanish Furniture

The mood and atmosphere, comfort and harmony of the room are defined by the style. Spanish furniture is diverse, refers to different styles, from classic to modern and art deco, yet Spanish furniture makers are recognized precisely in the manufacture of classical furniture. Spanish furniture makers are famous in decorative wood carvings, skillfully transforming wood and bringing life to it. Figured wood carving is special art form, will impress even the most discerning customers.




Despite the fashion trends, Spanish lighting factories are also implementation of the classical traditions. Classic Spanish chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps are distinct in inimitable shape, design variety and exclusive decor. In production there are used materials such as bronze, crystal, pearls, metal, natural stones such as marble and alebaster. Finished products - real works of art will please everyone. To emphasize the elegance of the interior, good taste, style and finish the interior will help the Spanish fixtures and decorative items. All Spanish producers are certified in accordance with international quality standards, so that they are at the same level with major brands.




Spanish products offered by us- diversity of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, upholstered furniture, office furniture, chandeliers, lamps, paintings, interior items, customized furniture and many other things. You can see the fashion trends, elite and exclusive masterpieces of Spanish manufacturer in our catalogs.


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