Factory Soher is prospering high-tech production. Hereditary furniture maker Vicente Simo Iborra founded factory in 1942 in the city of Torrent (Valencia). Originally there were launched two production lines: Casting bronze accessories and manufacture of exclusive furniture. Soher factory produces a variety of furniture - dining sets, furniture for offices, bedrooms and living rooms, upholstered furniture, dressers and mirrors, wardrobes, as well as luxury lamps with various shades.




The most important figures and events in history and their cultural legacy, combined with the skilled craftsmanship acquired over 40 years of experience, these are the elements that CREDAN has employed in the creation of this exclusive collection. All of these elements come together in our articles, always made with materials and finishes of the very highest quality. Of these raw materials, particular mention should go to Gold (18 and 24 karat) which, fashioned by skilled hands, gives rise to elegant decorations on our products.




Spanish factory SCHULLER - is a unique and dynamic company that specializes in the furniture manufacture for living rooms and bedrooms, mirrors of the amazing shapes and sizes, lamps, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and a variety of interior items. Also factory SCHULLER engaged in complex equipment of hotels, bars and public complexes.





Tomas & Saez - classic lighting and decoration manufacturer of high level articules in Spain. All products components are manufactured with first quality.





Renato Costa - es fabricante español de mobiliario clásico con líneas y formas elegantes. Renato Costa ofrece una gran selección muebles para comedores, dormitorios, muebles auxiliares. Para la decoración de hogares más exclusivos y elegantes Renato Costa ofrece una gran variedad de bajorrelieves de piedra, jarrones, fuentes, estatuas, figuras decorativas.



Garden fauntains


Flower planters




Spanish vertical gardens GREENAREA -a true art. Design experiments at the factory GREENAREA to create vertical gardens have been held for many years, using new technologies in landscape design and indoor landscaping. Many beautiful plants make up the garden, easy get along with each other and create harmony on the design canvas. Professionals of the Spanish company GREENAREA do it with love and with the knowledge of their craft.




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