LUXURY SAFE for Interior Decoration of Colección Alexandra

luxury safe design handmade coleccion alexandra

Happy owners of jewelry, gemstones, collection watches and other valuable things always seek to keep them in a secure and protected space. Luxury Home Safe is an ideal option for such purposes. Not only is it a premium product, but it also provides prestigious protection for your most expensive items. 

These is an exclusive and  handmade safe, Traveler by Spanish Factory Colección Alexandra, are worth special attention, they are famous for the highest level of security. Their production is carried out by the most advanced technologies throughout the entire production process. At the same time only the best components and materials are used, including top-quality natural leather, as well as wood and velvet fabrics for interior decorating.







Colección Alexandra was established in 1994 and today is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of furniture and decoration in Spain. This is a family business, founded by renowned designer María J. Guinot, and managed by her two sons Jacobo and Johnny, it is distinguished by its unique style. You can choose the complete the set including internal and external finishes according to your own taste. All wishes will be perfectly fullfilled here and they will create an exclusive safe specifically for you.

An elegant and a unique safe, covered with natural leather - this is a true masterpiece of design that will add refined luxury to any interior and emphasize the respectability and high social status of its owner. At the same time, such a Luxury Safe is a multi-level protection system for your most valuable treasures. Having this reliable leather safe, you can be absolutely calm and confident in their safety. 




Spanish furniture factory Colección Alexandra and its premium products definitely deserve respect and trust. Designer safes have been developed here to comply with the EN-1143/1 European Standard of Security for safes, obtaining Security Grade IV, which is one of the highest. Leather elite safes are equipped with a high-quality blocked system by electronic lock and double bitten keylock.  Also available with time delay and jamming function. These fire-resistant safes and are classified in Class B EN-1300. 

Thus, Decorative Safes for watches and jewelry, as well as other valuables, that we offer to your attention, are:


- excellent protective qualities of the safe;

- the most advanced technology;

- high quality materials and components;

- exclusive design, including the smallest details;

- handmade and impeccable workmanship;

- highest safety standards.


 More details about premium safes can be found by opening the catalog available on our website. 

 We are always happy to help protect your valuables in the best possible way!





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