Almerich Classic – Spanish Lighting Factory of the present and future. Over 70 years, the company is on the market of decorative and classic lighting. High quality and exclusivity of design of produced chandeliers, lighting fixtures, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, mark out the production of Almerich factory. Products enjoy enormous popularity in Spain and abroad in more than 70 countries all over the World. Almerich execute individual orders, amazing lighting Almerich can be seen in the restaurants, hotels, venues, trading centers around the world.





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Furniture factory founder is Antonio Almerich Villanueva, as the beginning can be considered the distant 1943. Currently, this is the most famous Spanish factory of classic lamps and chandeliers. All products are manufactured only in Spain that is why noble origin is guaranteed. The factory Almerich Classic honored traditional production, production and manufacturing process preserved antique and classic methods of casting into the ground and grinding by hand. Production combines modern technology and national craft traditions. Base metal - bronze, also they use in the manufacture alabaster, porcelain and brass. Lamps metal is processed by substances that prevent the distortion of product properties, loss of precious shades, moisture penetration, the influence of sunlight, corrosion. Processes such as casting, metal carving, tempering, evaporation, jewelry engraving, glass decoration, lamp assemblage are made by hands near machines. For the aesthetic design of chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps they use high-quality crystal glass, decorative glass, natural stones, crystals Swarovski. More often than other companies, the factory Almerich Classic updates lineup, studying the latest fashion trends in the lighting equipment, all this leads to Almerich success.

Factory produce is notable for memorable author's design, classical style with original antique elements. Spanish Chandeliers Almerich change your interior, emphasize the elegance and luxury of your space. The factory pays great attention to energy-saving technologies. For the professionals team of Almerich the main part of the work is to meet consumer demand, the maximum satisfaction of the customer's wishes. The serial production of lighting fixtures is done perfectly well by the comapny, but factory is distinguished by execution of individual special orders. Executing individual orders, amazing lighting Almerich can be seen in the restaurants, hotels, venues, trading centers around the world. Refined lamps Almerich decorate pages of the world's leading publications.

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