Spanish factory JISO Iluminacion specializes in the manufacture of embedded interior lighting sets for residential and commercial premises. This is young company, headquartered in Valencia. In a short time the company has strongly reinforced its position among European manufacturers of lighting equipment. Company JISO has a varied range of embedded and overhead spotlights of a wide style variety, unique, stylish and high quality.




Indoor and Outdoor Technical Illumination



Products of the factory have a bright decorative focus. Spotlights are decorated by ornaments, crystals strands, fixtures deposited with gold and silver foil and Swarovski crystals. Spotlights JISO Iluminacion contain a newfangled color and filigree finishing made subtly and painstakingly with rich textures and materials. Factory totally dedicated to the production of compact and functional models of spot lighting for living rooms, bedroom lighting, lighting for children's rooms, lighting in the interior of bathrooms and other spaces.

The factory collections have a huge variety of spotlights to ceiling lighting, wall lighting and many other illumination variations. Built-in lighting is convenient, safe, comfortable, fashionable and stylish and what is important that expands the boundaries of your space. Lamps JISO Iluminacion differentiate your space, indicate their importance intelligently and subtly and provide their uniqueness imperceptibly for others. Designers and craftsmen of the factory work easily on any projects both the administrative and residential premises and street lighting of buildings and offices. They experiment together with factory customers with pleasure, helping and satisfying customer requirements.

Classical in form, but unusual, thanks to decorative items, lamps will be a great addition to your interior. It should be noted that the lamps coated by gold and silver foil, gold leaf are the most popular; they look presentable and lack the provoking shine. For production they use aluminum, metal alloys, non-ferrous metals, glass, wood and other materials, rare skills of surface treatment and accessories. There is a wide palette of colors and shades of these lamps from traditional white to black, gold, silver, natural wood, chrome, titanium. Patterns that are applied to the base of built-in luminaries are amazing and varied and can outshine luxurious chandeliers, combining contemporary interior style.


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