Spanish factory Point produces creative furniture that combines unique design and the latest technology. Furniture Factory Point - is the best guide when choosing furniture for private houses, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture for hotels, tourist and sports complexes, offices, restaurants and bars. Furniture of the factory Point is loved worldwide; it combines the high quality and reliability, modern design, easy to fit in the space.




Home and Outdoor Furniture




Factory Point produces wicker, mono-plastical, rattan furniture; today it is in great popularity. This furniture is eye-catching with strange shapes and a wide color palette. Furniture is made of strong, lightweight, and what is the most important materials that are suit for any weather conditions. It should not be hidden for the winter; furniture is easy and quick to clean. Due to such quality as moisture resistance, it is used for bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools, SPA-complexes. At the factory you can purchase as furniture outdoor sets and separate furniture, such as a table, chair, and bed. Rattan furniture - environmentally friendly, non-toxic, convenient and practical. Factory Point produces many items such as sofas, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, beds, and others.

Produced wicker furniture at the Spanish factory Point is durable, it does not deform over time, endure high load, does not change color during the operation and has an increased wear resistance. Furniture of the factory has ultraviolet resistance; it does not absorb moisture and is not afraid of water. Rattan furniture is quite easy to move, some sets are knockdown and fit in a box that fact allows you to save space during transport and storage. The natural color of rattan is white, but the factory learned to paint blanks in any color. Using in the production the natural dyes, mainly furniture has shades of cognac, olive oil and honey-colored. Amazingly beautiful products of the factory are decorated with wicker openwork coloring from turquoise to red.

Using the latest technology at the factory Point there are produced furniture of the abacus - durable and super-resistant material to environmental conditions (sunlight, rain, snow, temperature difference). Abacus - it’s solid fiber, but light and air, which is produced of the banana Manila leaves. Furniture made of abacus is not toxic; it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Specialists of the Factory Point maximize style solutions and colors wealth of the furniture, such diversity allows making optimal choice to create coziness and comfort both in the interior space and exterior rebuilt territory. It should be noted that for rattan furniture is offered a wide range of special cushions that emphasize the individuality of style. Wicker rattan furniture is manufactured in the factory Point, fits into any style and interior, will retain all qualities and appearance for many years.


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