Talking about the Spanish factory Bassols we can say a lot, and only enthusiastic words, just the fact that factory is more than 200 years, it is competitive and dynamic developing company, speaks for itself. The long development history of the factory Bassols led it to the steady world level. Bassols - manufacturer of exclusive textiles, high quality and design, bed and table linen, linen for bathrooms. Brand Bassols - the embodiment of luxury and prestige, quality and reliability, the highest degree of perfection.



Fabrics and Textile for Hotels




The Spanish company Bassols has two divisions Bassols Home and Bassols Hotel and Catering, the first division produces all the necessary linen for the house and accordingly, another division - linen for hotels, restaurants. The collections of Spanish factory contain a huge choice of exclusive bed linen, bed covers, table linens (tablecloths, napkins towels), bathroom linen (towels), accessories for serving and decor. Products under the Spanish brand name Bassols have a huge success in Spain, on the world market, and are affordability famous around the world. The company offers its customers several collections per year of high-quality and amazingly beautiful products. Spanish brand Bassols - is elegant and refined beauty of table and bed linen, bath accessories, products for bedroom. The range of the factory has not only classical models, but also modern with a distinct identity. Exclusive design, embroidery, printed picture, painting of fabrics, patterns plaiting – all these are in the factory unique products, creating a mood of elegance and luxury. Factory Bassols creates designer bed linen sets, bathroom linen, bedspreads for hotels, inns, guest houses, holiday homes of professional textile. For restaurants, cafes - table linen, accessories for serving and decor. The factory Bassols uses only natural textiles, exceptional quality fabrics: the finest flax, organic cotton, long-staple Egyptian cotton, natural silk, finest cashmere, makosatin. The variety of styles, colors and shades from single-colour classics to trend folk designs. Spanish factory Bassols offers unique table linens (tablecloths, napkins, towels). All kinds of tablecloth in various styles ranging from minimalist to royalty, from classic to modern (holiday lace, modern fashion with prints, classic with jacquard patterns) and a variety of tissues. Brand Bassols - the embodiment of luxury and prestige, quality and reliability, the highest degree of perfection.


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