Factory Cubimobax, Mobax Group is more than 30 years on the market of Spanish furniture. The company is located, as well as many other furniture factories in Spain, in the province of Valencia. Cubimobax is famous for the manufacture of bedrooms, wardrobes, a large choice of auxiliary furniture such as chests of drawers, consoles, mirrors. The factory prefers high quality and natural materials as a result the furniture does not lose its appeal. All the furniture of the company Cubimobax is in great demand in Spain and in many countries around the world.



Bedrooms and Auxiliary Furniture



Furniture Cubimobax is convenient and comfortable and helps you to create an extraordinary and ordinary free interior. The factory Cubimobax strictly controls all stages of production, uses modern technology, producing high quality furniture. Spanish factory Cubimobax works exclusively with natural materials and develops unique designs. Cubimobax offers a big collection range of bedroom furniture sets and exclusive furniture objects. Elegant furniture made in classic style, but the most fashionable trends are implemented in the furniture design. Craftsmen and designers of the factory Cubimobax created gorgeous pieces of furniture, personal and strictly in accordance with the client's taste.
Spanish chests Cubimobax - stylish, are decoration of any modern interior. Neither one bedroom is complete without such a convenient and reliable piece of furniture. Recently chests for living rooms are especially popular; they make new notes in the decision of living space, the color palette game, stylistic decisions. The collections of factory Cubimobax contain a large variety of consoles, consoles with mirrors. Such decorative and functional piece of furniture as console can be installed not only in the bedroom, but in the hallway, living room and bathroom. Spanish consoles Cubimobax are original and refined.

Wardrobes can be considered with confidence as one of the most important furniture elements in the interior. Spanish factory wardrobes will amaze you with their functionality, practicality and splendor. It is worth noting that the designers of Cubimobax found the original decision of the wardrobe door. This wardrobe will be a unique decoration in your interior. All the furniture of the company Cubimobax is in great demand in Spain and in many countries around the world.


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