FOMENTO Home Life Style - one of the famous Spanish furniture factories. The history of the factory began over 40 years ago. Up to date - this is the largest factory specialized in designing and manufacturing of classical and neoclassical furniture, decorated with modern details. Factory production is known far beyond the borders of Spain, in many countries of the world people know and cooperate with the company FOMENTO, which furniture has high quality, individuality and functionality.







The professional team of designers and craftsmen of furniture FOMENTO Home Life Style works on creating an exclusive and high-quality, gorgeous and beautiful furniture. The factory FOMENTO for furniture production uses advanced and latest technology, traditional Spanish skills. Furniture of this factory is characterized by excellent quality as the factory uses only natural wood and wood with a beautiful texture, first-class, environmentally- friendly materials. The collections of factory FOMENTO Home Life Style contain a large selection of exquisite furniture: furniture for living rooms (wall cabinets, shelves, cushioned furniture, and coffee tables), bedroom furniture (beds, heads of the bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables and wardrobes), furniture for dining rooms (sideboards, chairs, tables and showcases), accessories (mirrors, consoles, etc.). Although from a wide range of furniture priority is given to the beds and bedroom furniture. A wide selection of bedroom set compositions can be done at the factory according to individual projects with the use of exclusive materials. Spanish bedrooms FOMENTO - comfort, well-being and cosiness. Bedrooms are famous for exquisite design, strict polished forms and amazing colors. Furniture FOMENTO distinguishes by good quality and durability. At the factory, any piece of furniture can be made in different colors, embodiments and decorations. Furniture of the company FOMENTO Home Life Style is so far as high quality and reliable, as it is beautiful and exclusive.


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