Spanish tanning workshop Arte2, Cordobán y Guadameci was founded in 1995 by Antonio Rodriguez Hidalgo. Tanning workshop is located in Seville in Osuna town. It is one of the most famous workshops in Spain and abroad, its basis - the old ways of leather working. All processes from the very beginning to get unique and exclusive products are made by hand. Crafters of the Arte2 Company achieved the highest levels of quality, strength and durability of leather products.


Leather Articles




The main principle of the workshop- ecological production with natural materials and dyes. In its production they use the skin of deer and goat, lamb, mutton, sheepskin, which is flexible, soft, durable, extremely thin skin of different colors. For the preparation of leather products in the workshop they buy only perfect skin. Decorating their products masters use gold, silver and blind embossing, as well as tinted foil embossing. At present, the art of skin is forgotten, but the Spanish workshop Arte2 could revive this art. We make leather items, as our ancestors made - for centuries. Masters make such products as leather bed-heads, chests, screens, cushions, leather-framed mirrors, chests of drawers, icons, logos and other unique items made of leather.

Workshop follows to one of the traditional methods, historically inherited from the Arabs: embossing and engraving of leather, gilding and multi-color game on the product. Finished products, thereby, increase its value and luxury. Chest - one of the first pieces of furniture, invented by man. Gradually chests were extruded by functional furniture pieces, but lately the fashion for antiques reminded of their former existence. Leather chest can be an interesting finding in the interior of a modern house. It is attractive in terms of decoration, functionality. Durable leather chest, you can pass down from generation to generation. Different in style and size leather chests you can buy directly in the company Arte2, Cordobán y Guadameci. King’s size bed with leather headboard - high style, comfort and convenience. Leather screen gives charm and become a "highlight" in the interior of your home, performs unexpected functions such as zoning room, partition and fencing of the area. Become the owner of the original, durable and high quality leather products of Arte2, Cordobán y Guadameci.


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