Spanish furniture factory Vicent Montoro is created by works of talented organizers, designers and artists. More than seventy years the factory is at the furniture market in Spain and more than forty years in the world. Vicent Montoro creates original furniture works of art in classic and contemporary styles, furniture is of high quality and precious wood species. The factory collections contain bedrooms, living and dining suites, furniture for children's rooms.





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Vicent Montoro creates original collections with refined classics, fine lines and high functionality. A variety of shapes and sizes of furniture allows you to create a unique interior. In the production of furniture Vicent Montoro uses traditional and modern technological methods of wood processing, manual work. A large range of natural wood is charmed that masters are working with - beech, mahogany, cherry and other. Furniture is with plywood and wood veneer, decorated with marquetry (handmade inlaid). For furniture decoration they also use valuable species of wood - ash, lemon, boxwood, Spanish birch, olive root. Factory Vicent Montoro is famous for using painting techniques and aging furniture surface, abundant and multicolored inlaid (marquetry and intarsia), the beautiful lacquered, which creates a uniform coating and enhances the natural qualities of wood.

With great taste and knowledge of the classics Vicent Montoro represents a huge range of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, children's bedrooms, separate interior items. The main thing in the bedroom is of course bed, but the situation will not be complete without such pleasant and necessary components as a stool, bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, wardrobe, dressing table, mirror and pouffe.

Vicent Montoro furniture creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, in suites for the living and dining rooms modern luxury is achieved by classical forms, soft lines perfectly matched combination of colors, decorated with gold foil and other interesting highlights. Dining sets include a dining table, comfortable chairs, chairs with armrests, a spacious cupboard, corner cabinet and other furniture. Your dining room will delight you and your guests.

Special attention is paid to children's furniture at the factory. Vicent Montoro furniture brings up the taste of a child with a very tender age, protecting him from the unification standard. Children's furniture Vicent Montoro combines comfort and beauty, functionality and reliability, excellent quality and exclusive design. The breadth range of children's room furniture at the factory will allowed creating a comfortable bedroom, first child's study, living room for games.

Children's furniture is produced only from natural wood, environmentally friendly. The collections of furniture have all that are necessary for a child's room from the bed to the child's chest for toys, wardrobe, shelves for books and toys, dressers, desks with chairs, children's tables, shelves (various sizes and shapes) and a lot more. This furniture will create a unique atmosphere of fantasy and fairy tales in the child's room. Highly qualified specialists of Vicent Montoro factory carefully monitored each step of ​​production, checking the quality of products.



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