Spanish Company Roca Group - International Company, a world leader in the production industry of plumbing accessories, building materials and furniture. Just a couple of years and Company Roca will pass the centenarians of its activities. History of the Company and former factory began in 1917. Today, Roca has the sales market in 135 countries and counts more than 75 companies. The company has earned a reputation as an innovator in the field of design and plumbing technology.  


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Roca Group- one of the leading worldwide plumbing brand, representing a wide range of products and creating integrated solutions for bathrooms and other rooms (baths, ceramic tiles, mixing faucets, accessories, furniture). Products of Company Roca Group have an excellent and stylish design, functional packaging and a wide range of colours. Roca Group Company is characterized by innovative technologies, dynamic development, an uncompromising approach to quality, research spirit. Company relies on the professionalism, the richest experience and willingness to solve constantly any tasks formulated in the client requests.

There is a little bit history of private factory Roca. In 1917 Roca factory started its activity in Gava village (Barcelona) producing cast iron radiators for premises heating, then range was enlarged by boilers, baths and taps. With such dynamical development, factory started wide production of high standards plumbing products. Buying, joining and signing agreements with leading companies in its markets, the factory has grown rapidly into the Roca Group Company, has become a brand, has managed to gain a foothold and too its rightful place in the industry. The basis of the effectiveness of Roca Group Company, first of all, is the principle of proximity to its customers and understanding of their interests, which is supported by high standards of quality, modernity and stylish products, know-how and professional employees.

Roca Group Company constantly receives and executes unique and amazing projects around the world. Completed projects can certainly be called masterpieces, technically challenged, made of high quality materials, designed in accordance with modern standards of convenience and savings and care for the environment. There is a list of a few significant projects:

- At the Eiffel Tower territory - a favourite place of many tourists from around the world, with Roca products are equipped bathrooms (Diverta sinks, Meridian-N toilets, Site red urinals). There is white equipment contrasting with the red walls;

- In Spain there is Hotel Hostal de La Gavina Grand Luxe at a resort in Girona city, situated between the beaches and built in 1932. Tourists from all countries, heads of states, members of royal families, movie stars and others enjoy the hospitality and comfort of the luxury hotel. The elegance and style of the hotel bathrooms are given by the Roca products of the collections Diverta, Hall, Kalahari, Vintage showers, Thesis taps;

- For the Olympic Games in Beijing (China, 2008). Roca Company has installed its products (including sinks, faucets and toilets) in the buildings of the Olympic Village, a few city hotels, in the Security Centre. The distinctive characteristic was the fact that Roca products met the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency, saving water and environment protection;

- Currently Roca is involved in the object preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2016. These are the fourth Olympic Games where the company is actively involved (formerly Olympic Games in Barcelona - 1992. in Beijing - 2008. in Sochi - 2014.).

- Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne (Switzerland);

- Indira Gandhi International Airport in Deli (India), an international airport Paris-Orly (France);

- Complex of parks and entertainments of "Walt Disney" Company in Paris (France).

The list of famous objects, where Roca Group Company actively has participated and participates, can go on and on.

Throughout the years, Roca Group Company is the winner of the prestigious global awards. Spanish ceramic masterpieces created by the professional team of designers, architects, artists, project developers and craftsmen received awards in the field of design, innovation and ecological compatibility. Developing new, exclusive projects and products, the Company cooperates with the most famous architects and designers from different countries (Italy, Austria, Britain, Germany, Spain, etc.).

In the company catalogues there is a huge list of plumbing products for bathrooms and other rooms, such as:

- sinks, ceramic, wall mounted, worktop, cut-in, recessed, semi-recessed washbasins;

- mixing faucets  for sinks, washbasins, baths, showers, kitchens, bidet, single -knob, combination tap assembly, electronic shower programs, mixing faucets  of various modifications;

- pendant, floor, recessed ceramic toilet bowls, toilet bowls sets, monoblock bowls, with concealed tank, toilet seat covers;

- floor and wall mounted bidet- console variants, bidet seat covers;

- electronic and standard urinals;

- acrylic bathtubs, steel and cast iron bathtubs, with hydromassage, rectangular, corner, different forms;

- shower screens for shower trays and bathtubs, shower trays of different forms;

- fireclay and steel kitchen sinks;

 - installation systems for sinks, toilets, urinals, bidets, flush keys;

- acrylic, ceramic, steel shower trays;

- Spa & Spa accessories;

- Mirror, mirror cabinets;

- Furniture for bathrooms, closet-column modules for the sink, wall mounted cabinets;

- Accessories and other ceramic products: flashing, washing sinks.

Each Roca ceramic collection for bathrooms is unique, individual, has an inimitable style, an original combination of colours and textures, harmonically refined forms which provide a pleasant and comfortable sense. There are a compactness, rationality and economy. To improve the quality of human life, Roca Group Company constantly carries out technological innovations, analyzing modern tastes and needs of society, as quick as possible adapts their products to the new conditions of the world market.



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