GROHE - this is one of the largest European manufacturers of sanitary products, a world leader in this industry. GROHE factory has representative offices in more than 15 countries around the world, seriously recommended itself as a reliable manufacturer of mixers for bathrooms and kitchens, shower sets, installations systems and other plumbing, accessories. A wide range of GROHE satisfies the needs and whims of any client.



 Kitchen and bathroom mixers




International company Grohe traced its roots in 1936. Because of boundless enthusiasm and organizational skills of founders, the factory has reached such a high level. The factory Grohe creates unique, functional, elegant and comfortable products. Distinguishing characteristics of sanitary ware of factory Grohe - perfect appearance, ease of use, absolute compliance with hygienic and sanitary rules, strength and durability, highest quality. All products, produced at the factory are carefully tested for quality as the air and water, subjected to physical and functional tests.

The reason for the popularity of Grohe products is unique and original design. Grohe factory produces different style collections ranging from contemporary forms to never go out of fashion - classic. Grohe company can be attributed to the trendsetter in the sanitary industry. Coverage of products from shiny to matte is performed by special technology, which ensures durability.

Universal collection of mixers for sinks, tubs, showers, kitchen sinks harmoniously blend with any shape and style of the bathroom, kitchen. Many mixer collections Grohe are awarded with professional and international awards for the ideal balance of technology, quality and design. Mixers surface is surprisingly smooth and resistant to all kinds of dirt, retains long its original appearance. Mixture models are equipped with an aerator with special function Speed Clean, prevents the formation of limestone. The materials used in the production are designed specially by international specialists. Mixers for sinks, baths and shower are available in different versions: wall-mounted, single-knob with low and high spouts, combination taps assembly, flush and surface mounting, outdoor spout and for free-standing baths. Mixer models with electronic and digital control in addition save water and electricity.

Grohe company is world's largest manufacturer of shower sets, shower and manual systems, thermostats for shower, installation systems, flushing panels, embedded flushing cistern, flush valves. Implementing the latest innovative technology and developing plumbing programs, company pays considerable attention to saving water and electricity, security and comfort. Stylish novelty of Grohe - combinable modules for shower stall (light module, steam, audio module), using them space is filled with a pleasant steam, favorite music and colored light. Another one of Grohe amazing new products is water system for the kitchen, designed for filtering, cooling and aerating the water.

The installation systems for suspended pottery products, flushing system for toilets and urinals - durable and reliable in use, save space of your interior and are very easy to assemble and install. The flushing panels are available in different variants, horizontal and vertical installation, combine with any modern interior, have chrome covering. Sanitation systems Grohe significantly reduce water use, as well as new product – flushing cistern with dual flush function (with built-in and adjustable combination of flush volume).

The Grohe company range has huge selection of accessories and equipment levels for bathrooms that will decorate and complement your interior with decorative elements. In many countries, significant museums, public buildings, hotels, airports and many other facilities are equipped with the products of Grohe Company. Luxury hotels in Indonesia, Las Vegas, Dubai, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Japan and other countries.

It is impossible to list all the reference objects, designed with products of international company Grohe. These are modern residential community in Indonesia, private accommodation, sport centers, stadiums, thermal spas, schools and colleges, public museum in the Netherlands, the Aquarium and the Museum of Design in Germany, hospitals and clinics, clinic Harley Street in London, cruise ships, luxury yachts, International Airports.



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