Herdasa - the biggest leader in the manufacture of furniture for the Spanish interior hallways rooms, coat racks. More than 50 years Herdasa manufactures furniture of impeccable quality, full with functional components and various in styles. Herdasa factory presents furniture models in traditional, classical and contemporary styles, with unique finishes. Furniture harmoniously fits to any interior, and is elegant and stylish. Factory is located in the province of Valencia, Albacete city.



Auxiliary furniture






Furniture products of factory Herdasa are in great demand both at home in Spain and abroad. Herdasa supplied products to many countries over the world. Spanish Herdasa is involved in many prestigious international exhibitions (Milan, Moscow, Valencia, Madrid), presented at the main furniture markets and fairs. And every time Herdasa surprised by its new furniture collection radiating luxury and uniqueness.

Soon the factory Herdasa will produce a new line of kids’ furniture, charming, bright and comfortable. Some models of kids’ furniture are already represented at the factory catalogs. Herdasa produces a line of auxiliary furniture, which gives the interior finish and comfort: chests, console with mirrors, dressing tables, racks, mirrors, tables, coffee and dressing tables, serving trolley with castors, coat racks. Recently, a huge popular have tables transformers with sliding and lifting tops, whimsical designs.

The factory Herdasa has a wide range of furniture for hallway premises. For decoration of hallway rooms there are various variants of a complete set of Herdasa furniture with the perfect combination of form, details, textures and colors. Create a convenient and compact interior you can with a help of factory extra furniture: shoe cupboard (shoe rack), banquetee, magazine racks, mirrors of different shapes and sizes, mirrors on the original supports.

Designers and artists of Herdasa create an amazing interior decoration - exclusive coat racks. Spanish coat racks of Herdasa have a unique style, individual design elements, functional components, an original combination of textures and colors. A wide range of coat racks is produced at the factory: floor and wall, office, shelves-hangers, corner, racks-hangers, a chair with a back-hangers, racks with drawers and mirrors, coat-racks Meridian. Floor coat-rack with a device for ironing attracts by its functionality. The collections of coat-racks Herdasa always have compactness, rationality and space saving.

Spanish factory Herdasa - the largest exporter of auxiliary furniture and racks, in its production professionals use the latest technology, high quality materials, embodying the wildest design fantasies. The factory engaged in both mass-produced furniture and an individual for exclusive projects. The original furniture, functional racks Herdasa will be a good complement to the interior decoration not only the hallways and other premises, but also hotel, office, restaurant, sports and social institutions and other relevant places. Such furniture will be a necessary component for the creation of a high level of luxury, comfort and beauty.



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