The most important figures and events in history and their cultural legacy, combined with the skilled craftsmanship acquired over 40 years of experience, these are the elements that CREDAN has employed in the creation of this exclusive collection. All of these elements come together in our articles, always made with materials and finishes of the very highest quality. Of these raw materials, particular mention should go to Gold (18 and 24 karat) which, fashioned by skilled hands, gives rise to elegant decorations on our products. 


Luxury Home Decor Articles




The craft of damascene arrived in Toledo at the time of greatest splendour of Al-Andalus, though some damask pieces dating back over 2,500 years have been found. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used this technique, with dfferent characteristics, for the ornamentation of weapons and decorative elements. At the time when the Roman Empire was transferred to Byzantium, the art of damascene reached its height in Damascus (Syria), and thus the name given to this technique. The manufacturing process begins with a mechanical treatment to roughen the base material (copper) and so ensure perfect subsequent adherence of the gold. Then, sheets and threads of 24 and18-carat gold are applied to produce the design, previously drawn by hand. In order to achieve perfect adherence of the sheets and threads of gold, this material is hammered into place with a burin or punch. The next step is the oxidation of the non -damascened areas, which is achieved by means of a chemical bath that gives the piece an attractive black finish which contrasts with the shine of the gold. Subsequently, the areas with gold are again hammered and worked to engrave small details on each one, contributing to the beauty of the final result and making each piece unique. Finally, the pieces are lacquered so that their beauty remains unchanged over time.



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